An Emerald in the Sand

Celia Grey, daughter of the highly regarded Silvan Grey, is on her way to becoming the next great Diplomat of Minkerra. Following in her father’s footsteps should be easy. She’s grown up watching as he grew Minkerra’s trade routes and brokered peace with long standing enemies. Her only obstacle is Lord Deanan, the Official of Commerce, who has sent her on the impossible mission of setting up trade with Ala Qitar’s notoriously misogynistic Sheik. At least that was the only problem she foresaw. Pirates have attacked and when the Captain of the seas himself kidnaps her, she must decide on what matters most: Peace for her country or Love?

A new chapter is posted every Sunday! I want to hear from my readers on what they think should or will happen and what you like or don’t like. Please feel free to e-mail me through my Contact page! Curious as to how I map out my stories? Check out this post!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven


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