About Me

Hello friends!

Thank you so much for joining me here and following my stories. I am a writer with a passion for sharing the strength behind dreams and those who dare to make them a reality.

My writing is mostly fantasy with romance sprinkled in there because I’m not only a dreamer, I’m a converted romantic as well. My younger years had me proudly denouncing love and marriage only to meet my now-husband in Paris, where it was love at first sight. (We literally looked for chapels the second day of meeting) Years later we are still madly in love, and I am still bamboozled as to how it happened to me.

I hope to convey the same sense of wonder and amazement as my heroines strengthen their resolve while allowing themselves to be loved because they deserve that and more. I hope you will follow me on this journey and be inspired yourselves.

Please contact me to discuss your thoughts, dreams, questions, or the weather. I am eager to connect with you!

Forever grateful,