Married to Mania

It’s been a while, friends. For this I would apologize but I’m trying to stop apologizing for taking care of myself. You might be wondering why the title ‘Married to Mania.’ Well something I’ve held inside as a protected secret is that my husband is bipolar and addicted to marijuana. The use of this substance makes him manic, cruel, and our relationship has been teetering between absolute adoration for my best friend and life partner, and misery from his constant mental abuse. The constant criticism and subsequent apology cycle. It exhausts us both. But now we are at an impasse. I demand him to quit the marijuana and get help and he demands his freedom from me.

I wanted to take the time to get my emotions out and discuss my marriage and life so that maybe it would help another person who is struggling with a manic partner. I’ve learned so much during these years together. Our time together may be ending, but my love for him never will.

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