Prompt – Bullied Alex

Alex was frustrated. She had been humiliated by a group of girls she’d grown up with. They used to be friends but at some point the group had separated into two factions: popular ‘cool’ girls, and Alex. She had been washing her hands in the bathroom when the group waltzed in laughing and giggling over some boy. Alex’s presence had hardly been noticed until she made the mistake of snorting. It was like a horror flick, all four heads turned and pinned her with their empty-headed glares. All at once they threw their barbed comments like grenades and every shred of confidence Alex had fell beneath their heavy bombardment. Everything from her looks to her awkward family was fair game.

… So what did she do after their verbal attack? Will she get revenge? Will she try to befriend them again? Where do you see this going? I know this happens to a lot of people so I wanted to write a prompt for what you would do or wish you had done if this happened.

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